Our Story

Backstory (maybe more than you really want to know)

A Mooresville, NC area resident for over 25 years, I suppose this is home now. Somehow that seems blasphemous to say when I'm reminded of the raw beauty of the places I grew up. But, for now, this IS home. I share my yellow house with one loving, lion-hearted and useful man and Hazel and Roscoe, pups that found us. I am forever a mom to three impressive humans that are making their way out in this big world now. I help manage a kickass print and sign shop in Statesville. 

Music is my blessing and curse. It has given me great joy and haunted me to near madness! I was the youngest of five during that inspiring time when my older brother's music simmered up off the vinyl in the downstairs living room, streaming harmonies and well crafted lyrics and licks up the hallway and into my room. Peter Paul and Mary, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Harry Chapin, The Doors, Linda Rohnstadt, Don Williams, and my Dad's favorite: Rhapsody in Blue (and The Raven!). Occasionally, I got to sing harmony with both brothers and was forever thereafter ruined. That is a feeling and a sound I will seek out for the rest of my life!

I need the solace I find in music and imagine we all do. I hope that you will listen here and come out to our shows. Be euphonically distracted, three minutes at a time, with us! Music truly does make this life bearable. I love the collaborative energy that comes when musicians gather. I think audiences really enjoy seeing what will happen next! This is the spirit of live performance. We participate in it (as listeners and performers), feed each other with our energy and pass it forward.

We have a number of shows lining up and are always looking for more. Feel free to spread the word. Let us know of venues in your area that might be a good fit. You'll be sure to score back stage passes at the very least!

Don't forget to drop your contact info for our mailing list. We really look forward to doing a better job of keeping our friends informed about our shows and other cool events we support. We promise not to blast you with unnecessary emails!

Many thanks to all who support live music right in our own backyard.