MY LIVING ROOM, Mooresville, NC

Prior to this date, there hadn't been any formal gigs for a while. Ryan and I had morphed into the James Taylor Tribute then that ran it's course. I played up home in Virginia when I could. I don't mind telling you it stung to not be working on our own material... to not be growing musically. Then COVID hit and few venues were allowed to have gatherings. March 2020 was the second time "The Day the Music Died" in my lifetime. I licked my wounds and hiked hard for several years and remembered who I am and how important music is to me and how "life gets mighty precious, when there's less of it to waste" (B Raitt). I also remembered how I fought when it felt like the music in my life died one heartbreaking time before.

With a ton of help, I am playing again and offering this music to you again... beautiful people in a live audience. I said to my current band mates, "this time it's about me and what I want. I will rarely compromise again. While your opinion matters, this is not going to be a democracy. I know what I want and I am / we are running out of time. If you want to come along, it will be an amazing wild ride!" And damn, so far they've stayed. Better photos to come.